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What is Bio-business Division

Our Bio Business division are developing about eco-friendly agents including microbial,
and we are supplies to the eco-friendly farmer.

Currently, due to the indiscrete abuse of chemical pesticides, were occurs a resistant about
chemical pesticides, so, it is hard to control plant pest & disease.

And, excessive use of chemical fertilizer causes damages of replant failure and salt accumulation.

Due to the change in consumer awareness, the consumption of organic products rapidly
increases and Due to mass imports of low price foreign agricultural products, eco-friendly
agriculture became essential

In line with such trend, our division develops eco-friendly agents including microbial to provide
safe and quality products

While many eco-friendly materials are distributed in the market, some are suspicious
for efficacy and effect.

With confident test, verification and systematic quality management,
we are very proud of our quality.

We warranty the quality of our products.

We will produce better quality products through continual R&D.

Thank you.

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