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1. Beetle adult

We can observe the process of growing from larva, pupa to adult.

- You don't have to open the cap.
- It is the strongest and largest insect in Korea and has the largest body among the species.
  The body is oval shape. Body color is dark brown or reddish brown.
  The female is covered with darker and light yellow hair. So it has no horn.
- Large horn of the male is upward direction having two branches. The female has no horn but 3 short thorns are drooped.
- In July, adult has mating and spawns in September. The number of eggs is about 30~40.
  Most male and female died after mating and spawning. The egg is oval shape with 3 mm long and 2 mm wide.
  It is white in the beginning and becomes yellow. In 10~15 days, the larva eats fiber in a rotten leaves or thatched roof,
  has molting for three times until November. From December, it passes over winters inside leaf mold.
  It works again from March and makes pupa room in June.
-adult flies into wood sap such as oak tree or Konara oak at night and flies into light.
  It has thick legs and strong body. It wins most fights over lucanidae.
  It lives in Korea, Japan, China and India.

2. Beetle breeding set

- Beetle breeding set with affordable price
- It consists of breeding container, ferment mat (mini), jelly (1 pack), 1 feeding wood and manual.
- It is a cheap model but sufficient to breed beetle.

3. Fermented sawdust

4. K hypha

- Unique hypha feed of K-insect.

5. Cordyceps

- Cordyceps is named after is ecological features as vegetable worm being worm in winter and being vegetable in summer.
- It is widely known to have excellent effect for anti-cancer, immunity and chronic hepatitis.

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